Blueprint values services differently.

We offer a unique end-to-end service that allows us to guide you through our entire Turn-Key cycle.

With all 5 services managed ‘under one roof’, we ensure your whole business offering is accounted for in everything we do. This method leads to commercially successful end products that have considered you, the manufacturers and most importantly – your customers.

Our first-hand experience decreases risks and increases your chance of success.

We’ve been in your position

Our 1st hand experience of creating and selling inventions is at the heart of our service offering. Decades of experience in bringing products to market ensures every aspect of your project is covered and your end product is commercially viable. Our expertise in the development lifecycle means we plan thoroughly and avoid any ‘nasty surprises’, tailoring our client services to reduce your risk.

Did you know we make things?

Many of our clients didn’t realise we have manufacturing capability until they met us. We love to design and manufacture products, enabling us to see our designs become reality and giving you a ‘one-stop-shop’. We aim to manufacture your product and so you can be assured that we design products that can be made.

A tailored service.

We help establish your business aims and then tailor our development services specific to your project. From establishing your target market and brand strategy, designing a commercially considered product, to final production and even sourcing, Blueprint can provide you with as much or as little of this process as you require.

Awards, grants & recognition.

Through our product development solutions, many of our clients have won prestigious awards SMART Energy Award, RedDot Award, European Energy Award & Innovation Award. In addition, we have personally received numerous awards including SMART and Horizon 2020 amongst others.


Many of our projects wouldn’t have come to fruition without the support of funding bodies such as SBRI, Innovate UK and LEPs. Their financial support has led to many successful projects for both ourselves and our clients. We are always happy to advise and support you with funding opportunities; please contact us for more information.