Please see below some frequently asked questions.
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Q1. What services do you offer?

Blueprint offers a unique Turn-Key service that covers the entire Product Development Lifecycle. This includes marketing, product design, electronic design, production, and sourcing.Please see our ‘services’ page for more information.

Q2. What is a Turn-Key service?

If you look up the term ‘Turn-Key’, the dictionary will tell us that it relates to “a product or service that is designed, supplied, built or installed fully complete and ready to use”. The term, therefore, implies that the end-user just has to ‘turn the key’ and start using the product or service.

Q3. Where are you based?

We have offices in Keighley and Leeds, West Yorkshire, but work with companies globally.Please visit our ‘contact page’ for more details.

Q4. How long does a design project take?

This is a difficult question to answer as every project is unique. It depends on the current status of your project and how much work is required. For example, if you require a market feasibility study, design and manufacture, this will take a lot longer than if you already have a feasibility study and design files.

Q5. How much does a design project cost?

Similar to time frames, this is a difficult question to answer and depends on your unique project. The best way to determine estimate costs would be to have an initial meeting with us and discuss your project in depth. We will then be able to send you a detailed quote. To book a free meeting please contact us.