Collaborating with RTC North

Blueprint has recently appeared in a new case study video for one of Europe’s leading technology transfer companies RTC North.

RTC North specialise in the commercialisation of new products and services, and supported us through the Innovate2succeed programme. We first approached RTC after identifying a need to re-evaluate the companies strategy in order to grow the business. Since the programme started, it has allowed us to develop a methodology to prioritise our ideas, and paved the way towards establishing new partnerships within EU funded opportunities. As a result, we are now working in a co-operation with the University of Leeds on a project which aims to create the so called ‘human-on-a-chip’ which may lead to the elimination of animal testing.

Through interacting with the Innovate2succeed programme, we have gained in excess of £1 million of EU funding and developed a strong business strategy, which has helped us when developing our own branded products. Managing Director, Mick Karol said: “ We are now co-operating with a number of organisations both in the UK and in Europe. Essentially the big thing that’s come out of this for us is that we are not just a sub-contract service anymore, we are forming partnerships with our clients.”

To find out more on how RTC helped us, and to gain access to the video, please click on the link below.