Chameleon Technology

IHD Content

Chameleon Technology specialise in the design and supply of In-Home-Display (IHD) solutions for smart metering systems in the UK.

The Challenge
Chameleon Technology (UK) Ltd was founded in 2010 to provide UK and international energy retailers with smart in-home energy monitors. As a start-up company, the directors had a wealth of knowledge and vision for how to enter the market, however, without an in-house design team, they commissioned Blueprint to provide both enclosure and graphical interface design services through to production ready data.

What we did
The Blueprint team worked very closely with the Directors of Chameleon to conceptualise and develop, both the enclosure of the IHD-1 and it’s graphical user interface to make sure every line, curve and size was in place for a reason. The interaction between the product and the end user had to be natural, considering all elements of the product design from holding the unit to pressing a button.

Energy information on the display needs to be clear, intuitive and engaging for the end user. This allows householders direct access to their energy usage (and actual costs) without the requirement and understanding of confusing & complicated tariff’s, unit costs and charge rates. Since our involvement, Chameleon Technology has continued to grow year on year, securing contracts with members of the big six utility companies, and winning numerous industry awards for innovation.

Winner of the 2014 European Energy Monitor Awards