Innovia Systems

Verus D Bank Note Scanner

Innovia Systems (a division of the Innovia Group) specialise in providing the banking industry with a range of services, equipment and software to authenticate banknotes, assess the quality of banknotes in circulation and assist in the publics acceptance of Innovia Guardian® plastic (polymer) banknotes.

The Challenge
Advanced Digital Institute (ADI) were chosen by Innovia to developed a range of electronic devices for authenticating Innovia Film’s ClarityC security film which would be based on unique birefringent properties. Blueprint was ADI’s chosen product design house, tasked with taking on the existing product concept designs, as presented by Innovia. The challenge was to re-design the products for mass production. The range included both desktop and hand-held scanners. 

What we did
The Blueprint team worked very closely with both ADI and Innovia to understand the design requirements of the products and how they fit within the company’s business plan.

Blueprint was able to maintain the original style but with a full redevelopment, reducing the number of manufacturing processes and components required. It was also an important requirement to reduce human assembly error risks and improve on the overall performance of the product .
ADI had chosen specific off-shore manufacturing partners allowing Blueprint to deliver all required design files in the relevant formats and standards.

The “Verus D”* was awarded the Honourable Mention Red Dot Award: Design Concept in 2015 (*Verus D is a TM of Innovia Systems)