Electronic Design

Blueprint have partnered with a small selection of companies who are likeminded in their approach to projects and part of our team. By working with such professionals who adopt ‘The Blueprint Mindset’, we can guarantee that work will be approached with consideration and business acumen, allowing us to offer you a full electronic Turn-Key service. Our partners are as experienced and dedicated as we are and value the requirements of the product design team, managing the electronic output that delivers the product you wanted.


Creativity and experience go hand-in-hand when it comes to defining your electronics project. Successful electronic design requires a good understanding of your requirements and goals in order to achieve a commercially viable design that is efficient and delivers on performance.


Here we transform your product from concept to a physical item, solving any challenges and redesigning with optimal components, to ensure your product performs in the real world. This stage allows you to place the electronics into a form that gives critical hands on experience and testing required to know if your product will achieve your business objectives.


Feedback from the testing will allow Blueprint to ensure that further revisions are incorporated into the final CAD Layout – thereby allowing Pre-production PCB’s to be made available. This then leads to the release of files for production, where we can manage the process and production of your finished product.