Product Design

Once requirements are established, we then start bringing your product to life through considered design. This stage of the process starts with production in mind and continuously evolves with each iteration. The Blueprint Mindset makes the market and manufacturing specifications vital during this stage, creating a seamless transition from paper to a 3D product.


Creativity is the key to successful design. At Blueprint we are proud of our imagination and creative flair; something that has ensured our designs are market leading and disruptive.


It’s at this R&D stage that we discover things that haven’t been done before. We push boundaries and explore new materials, processes and functions. It is during this exploration that IP can be created, and innovation thrives.

3D CAD & Detailing

This stage takes all the creativity, experience and value of previous work activities and transforms it into a 3D product. This is the skillset required to make prototypes and production ready designs.